Tenant Tuesday - Good Vibrations Barber Shop

Tell me a little about Good Vibrations?

Good Vibrations was established in August 2020 nestled in the corner of historic downtown Decatur. The goal was to establish a safe space for all. Southern bred, Strands for Trans approved. This barber shop specializes in specialty cuts like mullets and shags, fades, and hot shaves. The shop houses local art from the 256 DIY Community. There are zines, cds, skateboards, paintings, and oddities always for sale. 


Gateway recently purchased the building where your business is located. How has your experience with the company been thus far?
Gateway has been so good to me and so supportive of the shop. I couldn’t ask for a better realty group. 


What is the most beneficial aspect of being located at 726 Bank? Are you excited about the current renovations taking place?
I had so much hope for Bank Street when I decided to open. Seeing it happen is so exciting. I love my location and never plan to leave. 


Is Good Vibrations an active participant in downtown Decatur events?

Good Vibrations has participated in judging local beard competitions. We have collaborated with Rocket City Bearded Villains and offered services the past four years at Huntsville’s coolest women ran festival, Sluice fest. Good Vibrations also entered three clients into the Mullet contest that happened a few months ago and won. There are plans to do more in the future.


Is there anything else we should know about Good Vibrations, or any upcoming events we can share with the public?

No serious events yet. GVBS just celebrated the two-year anniversary of being open. We will be offering a tooth gem service soon and selling Delta 8 from a local downtown distributor! However, no firm plans yet. It is hard to plan when you’re booked a month out.

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