Tenant Spotlight - Pawsh Pets

Gateway recently visited Pawsh Pets, a new pet boutique, grooming, and boarding facility on 6th Avenue, and talked with the owner, Paige Clark,  about her business. Seeing cute dogs was an added bonus! 

  1. What drew you to open a pet boutique in Decatur?  I've always worked with animals, and my jobs in the past were always at places like veterinary offices.  I just didn't want to do anything else but work with animals.  So I decided that I wanted to open a business for myself, and it became Pawsh Pets.
  2. Have you had a good response to your business since opening in July ? Very much so.  Our boarding and daycare is the most popular business.  But once people come inside, they see what else we have to offer in our boutique: clothes and accessories, home decor, pet wellness products, as well as our treats. (There's a glass case up front with gorgeous homemade dog treats!)
  3. Was Gateway Commercial Brokerage helpful in finding you the right spot for your business?  Yes.  There was a sign out front that it was for rent, but it didn't have all of the information I really needed about the building.  I contacted Paula Prestwood, we worked out all the details, and I got this space.  It's been great!
  4. Tell me about the features you offer at Pawsh Pets.  What do you feel sets your business apart from others in the area?  We do boarding, grooming, day care, and have the boutique up front full of items.  I think it's different because it offers everything in one place, and we offer lots of natural products for our customers to try.
  5. Do you have any upcoming events at your business that our readers would enjoy reading about or attending?  We will have another paint party in November, which had a good turnout last time.  Participants can send in a picture of their pet, we will sketch it out for them, and then they come in and paint it.  No date set yet, but look for late November.
Pawsh Pets is located at 1311 6th Avenue, next to Family Security Credit Union. Stop in and see what they can do for you and your four-legged family member!



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