Tenant Spotlight - Center for Hearing

The Center for Hearing provides hearing solutions that are more powerful, precise and user-friendly than ever before.  Their expertise in state-of-the-art hearing aids ensures that patients are receiving superior comfort, unmatched technology, and the best-in-class features.  Gateway met with Chris Middleton, H.I.S. in the newly opened Decatur office, and talked about their company and how they can greatly benefit the community with their work.

Tell us a little about your business.

At the Center for Hearing, we provide a complimentary hearing test to the community that would like to have one, and in that context, we can uncover if they have any type of hearing loss, whether mild to moderate or severe to profound.  We then can come up with solutions, through our hearing aids, that would help them with it.

What made you decide to open a Decatur office?  Center for Hearing also has offices in Huntsville, Athens, and Scottsboro.

Our Huntsville office has picked up a lot of Decatur clients.  By opening an office here, it helps us grow our business, but allows us to have an office closer to existing patients, so that they don't have to drive as far.

You're located on Moulton Street in Downtown Decatur.  What about this location made you choose it?

I love the communal part of the location, being on the fringe of Downtown.  The older buildings around our office add charm to the location, and Moulton Street has a lot of traffic that comes through.

Was Gateway helpful in your search for a property?

Yes, they were.  In the progress of this office opening from start to finish, which was about two months, it was a smooth process with no hiccups.

Is there anything else you'd like our readers to know about or be involved in with the Center for Hearing?

The biggest thing to do is bring more awareness of hearing, and realize the stigma of hearing aids has changed over the course of the years.

If you haven't had a hearing test done, no matter your age, we invite you to come in and receive a complimentary test, and be able to assess your hearing needs, which can be invaluable.

Testing has changed.  We don't live in a world of beeps...we live in a world of words and sounds.  Our testing can pinpoint what clients ARE hearing and what they are missing.  Frequencies are different for each person, and our hearing aids are digitally programmed to fit your specific hearing needs.  It takes the guesswork out of the wrong choice.

We want repeat clientele, and we want to assist you not only today, but down the road as well.  We like to see patients every three months, which not only helps you maintain your hearing needs, but also lets us really learn about our clients and truly develop a good working relationship.

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