AGENT SPOTLIGHT: Paula Prestwood

Paula Prestwood

How did you start in the commercial real estate business?

I owned and managed Ace Hardware and it burned down.  I didn't have enough insurance to build it back.  Since we had already dabbled in rental income, I took my educational background in marketing and real estate and got my real estate license.  After the store burned down, I called Lee Barran, who was a customer of mine, and asked for a job.  He said sure, and that's how it all started, back in 1994.

What do you like about your job working in commercial real estate?

I enjoy the interaction with people and putting the deals together.  For me, it's like being the matchmaker of commercial real estate: putting the perfect person together with the perfect piece of property.

What would you say is your specialty within commercial real estate?

I do a little of everything, but I mainly specialize in property sales, raw land sales, and a fair amount of leasing.

Do you have any advice for success or advice for someone starting a career in commercial real estate?

It is a great business of opportunity.  The sky is the limit.  If you work super hard, you can be very successful.  It's a great occupation to get into.

 Highlighted Transactions:

  • McDonald's
  • Dutch Quality House
  • Burger King - Hartselle
  • Russell Corporation
  • Holiday Antiques, which lead to Lowe's in Hartselle.

For more information on Paula, you can read her full agent profile here .

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