Jared Dison

How did you start in the commercial real estate business?

My entrance into commercial real estate was actually a blessing.  I was introduced to this career through Em (Barran), who is a family friend.  I was searching for a more meaningful career, and Mr. Barran thought I might be a good fit for this type of work. After meeting with him one afternoon, he said, “If you can pass the real estate exam, then I’ll give you an opportunity”.  I never considered commercial real estate as a career earlier in my life, but I actually believe this is where I am supposed to be and I really do enjoy this.  I studied finance in college, but I didn’t see myself being an accountant or anything of that nature.  This isn’t that different, but doesn’t make me feel tied down to a cubicle.  In retrospect, it feels as if this sort of fell into my lap, but I’m glad I took the gamble and thankful for Mr. Barran allowing me the opportunity because this is something I truly take pride in.

What do you like about your job working in commercial real estate?

I love the flexibility. I like the opportunities to meet new people, as cliché as it sounds.  I learn something new with every person I deal with and I gain a new perspective from every client I represent. And with each new property I list, I learn something, whether it be technical or procedural that helps me improve professionally.  Commercial real estate is not redundant work, which I loathe, because you become exposed to so many different situations.  It’s the variety of every day that keeps me engaged.

Also, I like having control of what I’m doing.  Being former military, I’ve had the experience of having every detail of my day dictated to me.  That tends to kill personal initiative over time.  This career allows me to be creative and choose my own schedule.  I’m my own boss, and it’s a good opportunity for me to perfect my time management and personal development skills.   Commercial real estate also affords me the opportunity to be as ambitious as I desire.  My success is dependent on no one but myself.

What would you say is your specialty area within commercial real estate?

Multi-family housing (apartments) is the niche under the commercial real estate umbrella that piqued my interest.  I don’t find warehouses and large industrial properties, or other property types to interest me to the same degree.  I have end goals of syndicating large unit deals, as well as having my own portfolio one day so I believe that has a lot to do with my interest in this particular area.

What’s your advice for success within the commercial real estate market?

Consistency is king. You have to do the small, seemingly insignificant things, every day, and know that they will contribute to a good pay off in the end.  If you don’t believe the little things you do on a daily basis will contribute to achieving your goals, then you simply won’t do them.  This is what keeps you from reaching those goals.

Commercial real estate is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.  You’ve got to see the long game, and know that daily consistency will pay off.

 Highlighted Transactions

1. Canal Street apartments

2. Bender’s in Scottsboro: Conducting a property search for a client for a space for a fitness center; searched different markets; found location in Scottsboro.  Brought two parties together.

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