Tenant Tuesday - Urban Atlas

1.      Tell us a little about Urban Atlas?

Urban Atlas is the one and only retro retail experience where you can take a step back in time and browse records, bell bottoms, roller skates AND more!
UA also serves as a business incubator for an array of other women entrepreneurs including a full tea shop and yoga studio hosted inside.  

2.      What attracted you to 2nd & Grant?

When I opened Urban Atlas in 2017, I was only 20 years old and rented a small space about a block down from my current location on 2nd Ave, I quickly outgrew it and needed a larger space but wanted to stay downtown.
Ironically, this space that had just became available used to house a vendor mall type of space where I rented my first booth at 18 years old when I was first starting my business. Talk about full circle! 

3.      What is the most beneficial aspect of the location?

My favorite thing about this location is the old historic building and feel to the space as well as being downtown.

4.      How is Urban Atlas an active participant in downtown Decatur events?

Urban Atlas is an active member in the DDMBA with putting on Third Friday and work actively with the Decatur Jaycee's. 

5.      Is there anything else we should know about Urban Atlas, or any upcoming events we can share with the public?

One thing I want people to know about Urban Atlas is that it's more than just a store it's an ever-changing destination.

 Lynsey Staggs - Urban Atlas

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